FamDam Version 1.0.1

FamDam went live with its beta iOS version on 10th July 2020.  The main aim of the App (at the time of writing this blog) can be found in the mission statement here.

The initial App is a timeline of photos and corresponding features for such an app, with one unique feature.  The full-size images are blurred until you tap and hold on them.  The idea behind ‘Tap and Hold to view’™ feature is to help stop the use of images outside of the app, to help with this, this first version of the FamDam app has basic screenshot detection.

Other features include

  • Sign in with email and password
  • Timeline of pictures from those that you follow
  • Tap and Hold to View™
  • Liking
  • Basic commenting
  • Save to your list
  • Basic screenshot detection
  • User Profiles
  • Upload static images with Geolocation
  • Notifications (Push Notifications too)
  • A basic search for a user