More productive?

After over 2 years using my iPhone 4 it’s time to upgrade to not only the iPhone 5 but also an iPad. For the last year I have carried my MacBook around the office, to client meetings and home, all so that I have somewhere to take notes, look at websites and have my tools with me at all times.

Now that I have an iPad I now need to put it to use, I’m hoping it’ll allow me to be a little more organised whilst out and about and not be a back breaker, I know that a MacBook isn’t exactly heavy compared to a few years ago but it’s still a bit heavy to carry about.

20130324-165704.jpgJust because of the weight issue I did think about the iPad mini but with the iPhone 5 in my pocket it just seemed wrong to go for another small screen. I’m now blogging from the iPad, I know it’s not the best use of £400 but over the coming weeks/months I hope to have a great suite of apps that really will see me being more agile, more organised and connected when I’m out and about.

My first job is to find and buy things that you really need, so on the shopping list is a good case, possibly with a keyboard, a good stylus and of course a nice screen protector. Then I’ll be asking for advice and checking out those must have apps, when I find some I’ll give you all the info, so you hopefully won’t have to hunt around as I seem to be need to do now. Wish me luck!?