How to take ownership of a JIRA filter

Overview of taking ownership of JIRA filters

One question that comes up time and time again with JIRA is ‘Why can’t I see or edit a JIRA filter.  It all comes down to permissions.  It seems that JIRA has taken the stand that a filter is owned only by one user (only the creator can edit it) and that owner is the only one who can see it unless you change the rights.  The later is easy to overcome, but the single owner can create an issue, especially if someone is on holiday or left the organisation.
Luckily there is a pretty simple JIRA solution.

Taking ownership of a JIRA filter

  1. Log in to JIRA as a full Administrator (or get your Administrator to do this)
  2. Note the name of the filter that you want to change the owner of
  3. Go to the cog on the top right and select ‘ System’
  4. On the left-hand menu select ‘ Share filters’
    It’s pretty far down the list
  5. Find the filter you want to amend
  6. Click on the Ellipses (three dots on the right) and select ‘Change owner’
    Don’t hit ‘Delete’ there’s no recovering a deleted filter

  7. Type the name of the JIRA user you now want to be the owner
  8. Click ‘Change owner’
    Now you can change the Filter and add users

Giving right to users to see/use a JIRA filter

  1. Log in to JIRA as your user (The owner of the filter that you want to give access to)
  2. Click on Issues (in the Navigation)
  3. Select ‘Manager filters’
    Right at the bottom of the list
  4. Find the filter that you want to give access to and click the ellipses (three dots)
  5. Select ‘Edit’
    A new window opens
  6. Select the type of access you want to give (e.g. Group)
  7. Select the Group  you want to give access to (e.g. Design / UX)
  8. Click the ‘Add’ button
    This is normally missed
  9. Once you’ve clicked ‘Add’ and the new group is in the list of shares, click ‘Save’