How to add an issue to the current Sprint (backlog)


Sometimes you need to get an issue into JIRA’s current Sprint quickly and not want to wait for your JIRA administrator.  The steps below are a quick guide

Moving a story to the current Sprint

  1. Find the Issue you want to move
  2. Open the issueSome states have a direct link to Add to ‘Sprint backlog’, some do not.
  3. Along the top you’ll see two transition options, if ‘Sprint backlog isn’t there, then click on Workflow and select ‘Sprint backlog’ Transition the issue to ‘Sprint Backlog’If you can’t find ‘Sprint backlog’ then you’ll need to transition through (or back)States that can transition to ‘Sprint backlog are:Planning backlog; Review OK; Rework; Closed

    Once you have the issue in Sprint Backlog then you need to make sure you have points and set to the current sprint
  4. Click Edit
  5. Make sure you have set the following fields- Points (if not set)- Sprint ‘The current sprint’- Priority (if not set)
  6. Click updateYou should now see the Story on the 6.Build board

Adding a new story

  1. Click ‘Create’
  2. Make sure you’re on the ‘Live (Live)’ Project
  3. Choose Story or Bug
  4. Make sure you have set the following fields filled in
    – Summary
    – Epic link
    – Priority
    – A good description

Add a new story to the current sprint

  1. Click workflow button
  2. Select ‘ Skip to Sprint backlog
  3. You’ll see the following window.  Make sure the aditonal following fields are filled in
    – Story Points
    – Sprint ‘The current sprint’
    – Assigneeif all details are correct then click the button at the bottom ‘Skip to Sprint Backlog’
  4. You can make sure the issue is on ‘6’ Build’ board by clicking ‘View board on the right.  You’ll see it in the list that pops up.
  5. Click on ‘6.Build’  link to go to the Build board