Radley Yeldar or RY

Radley Yeldar are an agency that have created 100’s of great websites, they’d been so busy that they hadn’t had time to redesign their own site and at the time their website was extremely old and almost out of date, so in early 2015, we made the quickest temporary site we’ve ever created. The new site was still much better than the old site but it still had a long way to go.

Even before ry.com version 2.0 was live we started work on ry.com 3.0.  We went right back to the core of the business, along what the company stood for, what they wanted to portray and this even sparked the ‘What should we be offering?’ question.  Once the core business knew what it wanted we had a brief to work with.

7 glorious months later and we had a site for ry to be proud of.  the content is great, the navigation is clear and there are a nice number of HTML 5 ‘delights’ that we hope shows a little bit of the awesome personality that is ry.

Check it out for yourself. ry.com


Link: ry.com
Tech:Umbraco and Microsoft cloud
Elements: Strategy, Design, IA, UX, Responsive Design, Build and QA, Hosting
Duration: 7 months