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You magazine is a magazine inside The Mail on Sunday and is regularly read by over 3 million women (and 2.3 million men) every week, so when the team at DMGT (Daily Mail Group ) asked my new company Redbox Digital to help them create a You Beauty website I jumped at the chance to Project Manage it.

You Beauty Discovery

You Beauty discovery How it worksThe challenge put to us was to build an ecommerce website that catered for monthly memberships where customers could select 2 beauty products to be sent to them in a beauty box full of other goodies and all for just £6.95 (2013), A bargain for anyone in to beauty or a great present that you could buy for that special lady (or man) in your life (not that she isn’t beautiful already! Think of it more as making her feel as special as you think she is) Ladies did I dig myself out of that hole???

Anyhow back to the project whilst I’m still alive.

Redbox decided that the ever popular and fully featured Magento Platform would be the right platform to base the new You Beauty website on, this would allow us to utilise a lot of the out of the box functionality now and give the site the tools for future growth. We also integrated Magento with WordPress so that the ever so clued up beauty writers could tell us non beauties what we need to know and look out for.

You Beauty discovery - what's hpw

This was a full life cycle project, discovery, design (Assisted by designers at DMGT), IA and build. This project has allowed me to really get in to the UX too and starting to customise not only the desktop user experience (UX) but also the whole responsive (mobile and tablet) UX too. This was another project where time was tight and we had to move quick if we were to be ready for marketing to go in to You magazine on the first Sunday of September (2013).

After 8 weeks of the project we had a fully working beautiful website ready for final testing. At times the project was tough, this did make all involved fully engaged and decisions had to be made and feedback given in record time. We had bumps along the way (all projects have them) and maybe even a few hurdles to jump but we made it and now we’re well into building phase 2 of the project.

Do check the site out now at and also in October when the exciting phase 2 developments go live. If I needed beautifying I’d buy a membership tomorrow but lucky for me that special someone in my life thinks I look better the older I get. Ugly duckling and all that.
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