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2 weeks ago we launched the brand new responsive corporate website for global shipping brokers Clarksons, as detailed in my previous post creating their new global website has been a labour of love that I have fully enjoyed.

There are many reasons why I feel this way about a website build are:-

  • I’ve been involved from pitch right through to the launch
  • It looks awesome and is very bold
  • The awesome RY and Clarksons teams that I’ve had the pleasure to work with
  • The cool responsive, adaptive, flexible front end works a dream
  • Some brilliant tech/UX especially the skinned global offices map and the Clarksons people directory

There’s so much I could go to detail about, instead I’ll be brief and let the website tell its own story.

The main delights of build have come from the agile design approach and having senior directors in all of our UX and design meetings where both teams really did collaborate and bring the best out of each other and ultimately the best for the site, many funny moments, a few difficult decisions and some great debates were had.

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But it wasn’t just the teams that met that made this site a great success, there were agile meetings the wider team back at RY HQ that were  invaluable, especially the tech team having direct involvement at an early stage made for a smooth build phase with no surprises, well only a few last minute changes from the client, but that’s normal.

Do check the website out, especially on an iPhone and iPad where the site looks right at home.

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