Creating Capita’s new corporate website

Capita are the UK’s leading provider of business process management and integrated professional support service solutions, with 46,000 staff across the UK, Europe, South Africa and India. They’ve been serving both private and public sectors in the UK since the 1980s

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Capita came to us looking for assistance with redesigning their corporate website, they had already gathered a wealth of information and had produced extensive wireframes and a sitemap, they now needed us to use their current brand guidelines to design and develop their website ready to launch in early 2013, being late summer 2012 this didn’t give us long.

We set about creating the designs for a phase 1 delivery, with the time tight we had agreed that we’d approach the project in 2-3 phases, the first phase would be the start of Capita’s ambitions. The design stage of the project was relatively straight forward, this was helped by some very good brand guidelines and a client that was focused.

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Upon sign off of the designs and agreement on a very detailed technical spec we planned the next 13 weeks carefully and diligently. As time was tight we (the Tech director, lead dev, Front end dev and me) gave each module and template creation a score and then looked at which templates we needed to create first for the content entry to begin.

With the scores above given a time value I had all that i need to be able to create an agile like delivery with use delivering content heavy templates first so that Capita could enter content whilst we were working on additional templates and modules, I planned that we’d have 6 sprints in order to create the site each 2 weeks long.

  • Sprint 1 – Project set up, planning, data models and environment set up
  • Sprint 2 – Creation of 3 content heavy templates
  • Sprint 3 – Creation of 4 landing pages
  • Sprint 4 – Creation of 2 list pages, the homepage and the search results page
  • Sprint 5 – Integration of third party services
  • Sprint 6 – QA, amends and final deploys
    (the above has been simplified for the blog)

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Also during these sprints we had to fit in other non development tasks including

  • Client content entry
  • Set up of the live servers by the client
  • Installation of the CMS by us
  • Photography selection and asset creation

The build wasn’t without its bumps and changes along the way but with a client that was focused on the delivery date and turned decisions round quickly. This allowed us to  addess issues, delays and backlogs at the end of each sprint we delivered on schedule and as we had planned to deliver the site 4 weeks before a major Capita event we had time to make a few post launch tweaks to give Capita a really great platform with which to build on. We now have an exciting list of phase 2 work, I can’t wait to start.

Site designed and built by Radley Yeldar

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