Bring Arqiva’s website to life on all devices

When I was first asked if I’d like to project manage the new Arqiva website build my first reaction was, “Who are Arqiva?” and “What do they do?”. After an initial briefing and some good old detective work I was enlightened. They are a very big company that touches most of our lives and I’d bet nearly every hour of the day.

Of course I took the project on (there wouldn’t be a blog if I hadn’t). Arqiva had the exact problem that I had refereed to in my opening questions. Unless you work with Arqiva in one of their many fields then you too may not have heard of Arqiva and even if you do work with them you may not know what else they do.

In a nutshell that was the challenge that had been put to us. We needed to showcase what Arqiva do and what else they can do for their current clients but not confused users with too much technical information. After our initial discovery sessions, workshops and interviews it became apparent that Arqiva would need a mix of fixed and fluid information presentation. We split the information in to these two areas, identifying what was great content that we could deliver in a traditional navigation system and what would need to live within a more fluid system.

Screen shot 2013-07-10 at 15.01.47

Screen shot 2013-07-10 at 16.01.47The traditional content was quite easy to place and position on the site but the fluid information in the guise of servcie overviews, case studies, news and views needed a system that would show Arqiva’s diversity in an easy to fnd system. We decided to be bold and apply an ecommerce style taxonomic navigation very much like you’d find on sites like Amazon, ebay and ASOS. This system is tried and tested, it works well to get Adam to exactly the pair of trousers he is looking for, so why can it not work for a corporate website!?

We didn’t stop there, we also added related links that would be taxonomic driven and a curated ‘You might be interested in’ section of many of the content pages. This has given the user a continued journey in to the world of Arqiva and cross sell their services, we also made sure that should the journey end on a content page the user would be presented with information on who and how to contact someone directly.

Screen shot 2013-07-10 at 15.05.16

The final site looks great and functions really well on all manner of devices thanks to it’s fluid responsive design. I am personally very interested in looking at the visitor stats and just like an ecommerce store does I would like to see Arqiva make minor amends to the user experience to really give their visitors the best experience.

As with nearly all of my projects at Radley Yeldar I really enjoyed working with a great team and once the post launch bugs are ironed out I’d like to see it entered for some awards and maybe just like Clarksons they could win a top award.