Apple IOS development in my spare time

For about 18 months now I have thought and even dabbled with learning how to create an Apple App. I even tried the tried the YouTube video from Stanford university.

Some reading this may not be aware that I do have some programming experience having once taught myself dot net in order to create my own photography and clubbing social site, this meant that my starting position for learning Objective C, Apple’s programming language was in front of a novice but far behind a seasoned developer, if you think of it in terms of the Grand Prix I was probably sitting 12th on the grid.

After research and recommendations and the promise of 30 day money back I paid my $25 per month to enrol with Team Treehouse.


After getting my mac up to date with the latest version of Xcode (Apples dev tool) and also updating my iPhone to IOS 6 I started to watch the video for the first tutorial and before I knew it I had an app that had one pretty label on, not much but it was a start.

I’ll not go in to details on the course but its safe to say that my starting position of 12th on the grid meant that I was able to get past that tricky first corner and I’d say as I start a long 52 lap journey I’m up in to 9th position already.

To get to 9th I spent the best part of 12 hours, watching, doing, taking quizzes and a little Googling on the Team Treehouse course. I have to say that so far it’s been really good and I’d recommend Team Treehouse to anyone thinking of learningĀ or updating their skills. Today (48hours after starting) I already have one VERY basic app waiting for approval in the App Store and I’ve started my own App that’s approx 14% done,

My own App is basic but it works and it might be useful for a few people once finished, I need to extend it and make it look pretty and do some animation, hopefully I’ll have more time on it this week.

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