124 years on dance heritage on sale as Capezio goes responsive

Capezio have 124 years of supplying the best, brave and enthusiastic dancers the world over and they’re now showcasing this on their new beautiful and responsive website.

Capezio came to us with an interesting brief, they wanted a website that was technically modern, easy to use and showcased their passion and knowledge of all things dance.

Along with the interesting brief came a challenge, not only did we need to hit the brief with had to design (including writing user stories, wireframming and categorisation advise), build a mobile to widescreen responsive site and fully quality assure the website in just 5 months, no simple feat.


The 5 months flew by and in December we launched the website for the American market to a very happy client and orders were flowing in after just 10 minutes.

An all round enjoyable project with a great, friendly and knowledgable Client and a great internal team whom went above and beyond to deliver this fantastic web platform. Check the new site out here www.capezio.com  USA only, non USA users will have to use a USA proxy