I’ve been waiting a while to be able to talk about the new  GSK came to us over three years ago to help them create a design and UX ecosystem that they could roll out across the world. Mid 2016 when the GSK ecosystem was approx 2 years old, they came back to us to create version 2.0 of their dot com.

The challenge was to create a new front end with functionality edits to specific areas that they had identified as requiring a better user experience.  I was heavily involved in the strategy, usability testing, stakeholder presentations and the UX.

I’m loving the new site and I hope that they can add this to their ecosystem and see this rolled out to its current 50+ sites that are already on gsk ecosystem 1.0.


Tech:Umbraco and a bespoke secure hosting solution
Elements: Strategy, Design (revamp), UX, Responsive Design, Build and QA
Duration: 9 months