Design workflow steps

We have our concepts and it’s time to move on to design.

For those that have read the Concepts workflow steps, you’ll notice that this is almost a carbon copy.

Not all designers like to work in a structured manner but in software development, we need this. And, to be frank most designers that have entered digital design in the last 10 years know this.



How do we add structure to the design workflow? This one for me is pretty clear to meDesign Workflow

Design Workflow starting point

  • Design backlog
  • In progress
  • Review
  • Done

A question comes up as to what happens in the review step. You have a few options. Add steps for Amends and Final review or when it’s reviewed and requires more work or amends then it is simply moved back to the backlog. I prefer this as its clean.
Another question is when and how do the developers review it?! Now some would shy away from getting the developers to check here. For many reasons I’d include them

  1. They’ll feel part of the team
  2. They have the best knowledge of what’s possible on a platform
  3. The will think about things you’ve not considered
  4. There will be less to talk about when they estimate the work later

Do we add a step? You don’t have to but I personally feel it’s very powerful and it follows the same rules that if a story needs more work then it goes to backlog.  If the developer needs to investigate something then it stays in Tech review until she has done her investigation.
So our final design workflow looks like thisdesign_workflow_steps

Final Design Workflow steps

  • Design backlog
  • In progress
  • Review
  • Tech review
  • Done

Awesome, now let’s prepare for our sprint