FamDam Version 1.1.0

hot on the heels of version 1.0 is the next version of FamDam, There’s a quick video coming soon, for now here’s a rundown of new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

The first big addition to the App is the ability to sign up with Apple ID, on the surface it’s a very simple addition to the app, but this is the first third-party sign-on in the app, so it was very technical and required a lot of testing. For those already signed up via email, you’ll only be able to use Sign up with Apple ID if your FamDam email sign-in is the same as your Apple ID.

Next up is full ScreenShot detection and disabling of access to accounts that continue to Screenshot images. A big change is that the detection is now only triggered when a user is holding their finger on an image.

Continuing on the security front for FamDam is the requirement for all users to verify their email account before they can follow users. This email information is also presented to any users that receive Follow requests, giving the owner of images more trust in who they are sharing with, however we do still suggest that if you are unsure of a user then do verify them manually.

More on the following front is more control over who follows you, unapproving them and in the same area, you can now choose to receive updates and notifications daily, weekly or not at all on a user by user basis.

Those with a keen eye will also notice that new layout of the Profile page above and the new ‘Nudge User’ basically it justs let a user know you’re on the app and to follow you

This next feature is only partly in the new version, it’s the ability to view multi-image posts, it gives the uploader the opportunity to upload a story of images rather than 6 seperate posts. For now, users can view multi-image posts, uploading them is only enabled for our testers.

A couple of smaller additions are the ability to see who’s liked a posts and whos viewed it. We may only allow the owner of the image to see who’s viewed it, that we’ll ask you the users about and see if we would like to change it.