Using user stories rather than requirements

Over the years of project managing websites I have moved from a waterfall (PRINCE II) methodology to more and more agile ways of working, one of the biggest moves for me was moving from writing long in depth requirements documents to writing user stories.  One of the main questions I get asked when I mention[…]

JIRA the friendly Octupus

The reason I love JIRA is that you get to decide how you want to it to work, it doesn’t dictate to you or your organisation how you should work or what you should be asking for.  At first glance JIRA is a bit of a bland beast of an Octopus with configuration tentacles at every junction[…]

How well do I know JIRA

I first came across JIRA 2 years ago at my last company.  When I joined they didn’t have any networked issue logging database, it soon came apparent that they needed one, work was being done ansd it seemed that it only got worked on if teh customer complained and it only got invoiced it the[…]