How to amend a JIRA workflow

Overview of amending JIRA workflow In order for JIRA to work the way you work as a business then you’ll need to get to know it’s ‘Workflow’ customisation. Beware this is a powerful part of JIRA and always make backups before starting work here.  There mainly two parts to a workflow.  Status and transition.  A[…]

Design workflow steps

We have our concepts and it’s time to move on to design. For those that have read the Concepts workflow steps, you’ll notice that this is almost a carbon copy. Not all designers like to work in a structured manner but in software development, we need this. And, to be frank most designers that have entered[…]

The Build Workflow

The first blog is about where to start in my JIRA Challenge Ideally I’d have started at the start, at the point of bad new feature idea being raised, gone through weeks of research and then implemented it, tested it on test cases, iterated it and then rolled it out with in-depth training, but what[…]