Just something I must share, Daft Punk.

Those who know me well will know my love for music, especially electronic music.  So to hear Daft Punk performed by the French Army band is like… music to my ears, literally Quand l’armée française joue Daft Punk #14juillet https://t.co/4W3crCyoDT pic.twitter.com/YZa7vyk5TB — franceinfo (@franceinfo) July 14, 2017

Great digital visualisation: Faces of Power

This great data visualisation of American presidents from open source Wikipedia data by MARCO SORS who is the ‘Ideated  and developed this website’, is just excellent.  I’m not too sure why he has put this together, but it must be doing wonders in attracting more work.  Who needs a CV when you can do this. Faces[…]

Bellus3D ups the selfie game with frighteningly accurate 3D scans of your face

High-quality 3D facial scanners have prices that tend to match the number of details the final scan has — but one California startup is aiming to bring scanners detailed down to individual pores and wrinkles without the high price tag. Bellus3D is a smartphone attachment that creates high- resolution 3D facial scans using 500,000 different[…]