Design workflow steps

We have our concepts and it’s time to move on to design. For those that have read the Concepts workflow steps, you’ll notice that this is almost a carbon copy. Not all designers like to work in a structured manner but in software development, we need this. And, to be frank most designers that have entered[…]

The Build Workflow

The first blog is about where to start in my JIRA Challenge Ideally I’d have started at the start, at the point of bad new feature idea being raised, gone through weeks of research and then implemented it, tested it on test cases, iterated it and then rolled it out with in-depth training, but what[…]

6 steps to creating a delivery process framework

What do I mean by framework?  Personally, I  don’t believe that a rigid and strict process works for anyone. Each project, client, solution and Project Manager is different and so I feel you need a framework for them to follow. A framework is a guide rather than a set of rules. Having a framework promotes a consistent[…]

How to deliver quality projects

Over my many years of delivering digital projects, I have been frustrated by the amount of hard stressful work that seems to happen at the end of a project. It’s always felt that decisions that have (or haven’t) been made through the life cycle of a project, all surface to challenge the final delivery of the[…]

The secrets to happy clients

I have now worked in the world of technology for 15 years and I could argue that I’ve been part of it ever since I started programming on my Commodore Amiga, but that would just show my age. So in the 15 years of delivering various projects from document management systems to global eCommerce platforms[…]