Seat plan

An innovative approach to buying theatre tickets, Seatplan have reviews of the conform, view and legroom of seats in all London theatres.  They pay 50p per seat reviewed and use this information during the seat/ticket purchase funnel.  Showing the customer which seats have reviews and which have view photos from the seat. Seatplan is a reseller of theatre[…]


Bridebook is a two-sided marketplace with wedding couples as the consumers and wedding services as the suppliers.  Bridebook’s approach to their marketplace is to help the engaged couples to manage their wedding from ‘Yes to I do’ starting with the big ticket item of location/venue for the wedding. They have great tools for the couples to entice them[…]

How to amend a JIRA workflow

Overview of amending JIRA workflow In order for JIRA to work the way you work as a business then you’ll need to get to know it’s ‘Workflow’ customisation. Beware this is a powerful part of JIRA and always make backups before starting work here.  There mainly two parts to a workflow.  Status and transition.  A[…]

Just something I must share, Daft Punk.

Those who know me well will know my love for music, especially electronic music.  So to hear Daft Punk performed by the French Army band is like… music to my ears, literally Quand l’armée française joue Daft Punk #14juillet — franceinfo (@franceinfo) July 14, 2017

Bug report: Not able to send an enquiry to Co-Op electrical

Bug Description When trying to send an enquiry to Co=Op Electric I am unable to as the Captcha image doesn’t show Browser / Device – Browser = Chrome – Device = MacBook Steps to Reproduce the bug Go to Scroll to footer Click ‘Contact us’ Enter name, email and message Click ‘Submit’ Expected Behaviour – Captcha image should[…]