How many balls

You know what it’s like, you’ve had what feels like a long week, you know one of those weeks when you think Thursday is Friday and then you realise you have a whole day to go until the weekend, that’s where we are but just as I’m struggling to wake up I get a Friday[…]

JIRA the friendly Octupus

The reason I love JIRA is that you get to decide how you want to it to work, it doesn’t dictate to you or your organisation how you should work or what you should be asking for.  At first glance JIRA is a bit of a bland beast of an Octopus with configuration tentacles at every junction[…]

My second Apple App is ready

If you have read my first post about Apple Apps you’ll know that in my spare time I’ve decided to learn/teach myself how to build Apple Apps using Objective C, well I am now proud to announce that my second App is has been submitted to Apple and it’s awaiting review before it goes in[…]

A Labrador of love

Just over a year since joining my RY, I’ve just delivered my fifth website and this one is definitely a special one for me. Not that others have not been great, It’s the one that I’ve been involved with right from the day we received the request to pitch to design and create the site[…]